How Much Botox Do You Need?

For many patients considering Botox injections, the first question asked is often ‘how many units do I need?’. This can be essential in gauging the price of their procedure.  After all, Botox is traditionally priced per unit used.  

Today, we’ll help you understand how the professionals measure Botox and help you know how much you may need.

Let's Look At Measurements

The best place to start is understanding the units of measurement for Botox injections.

Botox is available in “units” that are based on the strength needed to block neurotransmitters responsible for muscle contraction.

The amount of Botox you need is determined by the strength needed to relax the muscles in the area of injection. 

One vial of cosmetic Botox contains 100 units. These units can be split up to treat different facial areas during your appointment.

Determine Your Injection Area

The next step is to look at what goals you are wanting to reach by getting Botox injections. Here are several questions you may be asking yourself:

  • Are you dealing with muscle pain and spasms?
  • Are you wanting to relieve pain from migraines?
  • Do you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles?
  • Where are the wrinkles that bother you?
  • Have you ever had Botox before?
  • How deep are the wrinkles?

As you can imagine, your professional must take a lot of factors into consideration when making a treatment plan. Your goals are the first concern for Sarah.  

If you are interested in how Botox can relieve migraine symptoms, you can read more in this blog. 

Botox has many medicinal uses, and this is just one of them.  

Once you have settled on the purpose and area you want to target with your injections, Sarah and her team can help you determine exactly how many units you will need. 

Here are some traditional amounts for common injection areas:

  • Forehead: 10 to 30 units
  • Bunny Lines (or the lines around your nose): 5 to 10 units
  • Crow’s Feet: 5 to 15 units per side
  • Neck: 25 to 50 units
  • Cheek Contour (also used for TMJ Relief): 15 to 50 units per side

These are just a few of the many possible injection areas.

If you know that you want to achieve a younger, smoother look but are unsure of what area you should target, Sarah can help you to determine the perfect placement of your injections.  

Sarah has a deep understanding of the physiology of this powerful tool and is an artist at the same time. She will be able to understand your personal goal and how to effectively achieve it.  

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